Friday, September 18, 2009

New Blog


  1. I hope this the place to go to post comments

  2. I want Dons knives fans to use this blog

  3. Well I'm back from Ft Walton, good show, great crowd, lots of enthusiasm and feedback on my knives. I had decent sales, will be back on the first weekend of December for the next show, can't wait! :) Don

  4. Well it's a week later and I'm now back from the Jacksonville gun and knife show, and that's probably the last time I'll be going to Jacksonville. Every show I've done at the Shrine Center or the Fair Grounds for the past few years has been a bomb, lots of gawkers,no one pulling out their wallets. At least I met some great people and found the flea market and some good records lol.
    To the few people who did buy a knife I'm afraid I'm cancelling my table for the show in December,thanks very much for your support!
    -Don Bishop

  5. Don Bishop is a good man who will treat you fairly. He is the only QUALIFIED person that I could find to restore my father's WWII fighting knife. It is now as I remember it from the 1950's except that it has a fine sheath now. Thanks again, Don, God bless you.

    Jim Remsburg
    "In God we trust."

  6. I sent Don a crappy design of a karambit (Indonesian fighting knife) to see if it could be made. He fine-tuned my design, and we were in business. The turn-around time was less than a week, and he had promised to have it to me before Christmas. Sure enough, 11am on 22Dec09, the knife was delivered via Overnight mail.
    The knife itself is razor-sharp, and the hammered-steel look we had decided upon can only be described as "badass"!
    Of all of my karambits, this is now my favorite!
    For myself, I know I'll be doing business again with this man in the future. As for Don's other clients, or potential clients, you have chosen a true class act; a man of his word!
    Thank you, Don!

    Sifu Robert Windle
    5th Degree Black Belt
    The Lair American Kajukenbo
    Jonesboro, AR
    "Train strong... To remain strong!"

  7. Hey folks,thank you for all of the kind words,always rewarding to hear of another satisfied customer!
    I'm going to try to start blogging regularly and keep up with things,going to broaden my scope and try some new venues, arts and crafts shows, local events, and I'm going to begin setting up at the Downtown Farmers Market 3 blocks north of the Capital building on Monroe St. and Park Ave.
    Come on down and check out my latest works, as well as that of many other super artists and craftspeople, hope to see you there!

  8. Well it's almost the end of September and things aren't going too well, I didn't sell a single knife at 7 of the last 8 events/shows at which I've set up,I just can't keep going like this. I'm going to finish the year out, hit as many shows/events as I can and I'm afraid I'm going to be shutting down shop for a while. In the past knife making has paid for itself at least and I used to make a little extra money here and there but the past 2 years have been a complete bust, people are not spending money on art/crafts and most are wisely investing in guns and ammo at the gun shows, the website has been a bust as well so after the end of December I'm going to have to put a halt to my bladesmith activities for a while.
    I love being at the shop working,I really found my niche in blade/blacksmithing work, unfortunately I didn't find my niche until the economy went down the toilet, and while I appreciate all of the kind words and compliments on my work,compliments don't pay the bills I'm afraid. I've enjoyed travelling and meeting lots of nice people everywhere but I simply can't keep losing money,it's an expensive and time consuming hobby and sadly one I simply can't afford to continue.
    So,if you have wanted an original Don Bishop forged knife time is ticking!
    Much thanks for those who have supported me over the years by purchasing one or more of my knives, hopefully some day I'll be able to reopen my shop and get back to work. So I hope to see you at one of my few remaining shows, take care and thanks again one and all.

  9. Well I hit the Plains Peanut Festival in Plains GA, hoping to sell some knives and see Jimmy Carter. Jimmy wasn't feeling well so I never saw him and didn't sell a single knife,so much for Plains GA.